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Travel Read: Mystic Fool by Andy Hill

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Andy is another backpacker crossing through Asia. Who knows, perhaps you had a memorable toast of Hong Thong with him one night in Bangkok or shared a lane at a bowling alley in Chiang Rai. Whether you know him yet or not, you must pick up the kinetic book he wrote sharing his experiences: Mystic Fool.

The audacity and the veracity of Andy’s written account of his coming of age trip through South East Asia will either resonate with your travel memoirs or make you long to hit the road in quest of your very own special bottle of Cambodian rotgut medicine.

Mystic Fool by Andy Hill

Mystic Fool by Andy Hill

I really appreciate that Andy reached out to share his experience with us. The rawness and intensity of the very simple journey of a brother vagabond looking for meaning between short lived encounters mostly colored by alcohol or sex or both is delectable. Stop by stop, follow his path towards self-exploration and clarity. I particularly enjoyed his perspective on cities, sites and rides Jess and I recall having gone through as well, all the way till the southern tip of Taiwan in our home city of Kaohsiung.

You’re on the road too? Perfect, Andy’s book is available to download for your Kindle.

Enjoy Andy’s Mystic Fool and as the Chinese saying goes “may you live in interesting times.”

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