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Traveler Video: Dolphins Racing The Navimag Ferry in Patagonia

19/03/2012 by Victor B | 0 comments

Traveler Video: Dolphins Racing in Patagonia

The cruise through Patagonia aboard the Navimag ferry was one of the highlights of our round the world tour if for nothing else but the fact that we could share that experience with Jess’ sister. As all good fairy tales come true, in the evening of a wonderful day, I was taking the Chilean breeze in when literally out of the blue, two dolphins appeared and raced our boat for a few magical seconds. Since I am no expert, I am unsure whether these are bottlenose dolphins, skunk dolphins, or dusky dolphins. Any help at identifying those would be appreciated!

Bus From Punta Arenas To Ushuaia

by Victor B
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From Chilean Patagonia to Argentinan Patagonia: Bus From Punta Arenas to Ushuaia

Bus From Punta Arenas to Ushuaia Entering Tierras del Fuego when you are that far South already is only a bus ticket away. You can very easily travel from Punta Arenas in Chile to Ushuaia in Argentina by bus. You … Continue reading

Traveler Video: Students Protest in Chile For Free Education

08/03/2012 by Victor B | 0 comments

Traveler Video: Students Protest in Chile For Free Education

Planet Vagabond comes across the students riots shaking Chile at its core at the moment. Thousands of protesters are in the street, fighting against the North American model of private university education. They are chanting for free education and many of their teachers are siding with them. This was an amazing moment to share with them on the road. Their claims are not far from the occupy wall street ones. I saw a wonderful sign with more political force than the media would ever allow: “we are not from the right, we are not from the left, we are from the bottom and we are coming for the top”.