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Guess The Secret Ingredient Cambodia

by Victor B
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Guess The Secret Ingredient: Fried Beef With Hot ???

What’s In The Recipe Of My Fried Beef? Last night we sat down in Siem Reap, Cambodia for a most unexpected and delicious meal. We did not seek very far for our food. At $1.50 per dish and per cocktail, … Continue reading

Linseed Juice (Refresco de Linaza)

by Victor B
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Drinks from around the World: Refresco de Linaza (Linseed Juice)

Best Drinks in the World: Linseed Juice The recipe of this most refreshing cocktail is as simple as the drink is delicious: macerated linseed with water, cinnamon, lime and sugar. Shot of Linseed Juice Price of a Top Drink Recipe … Continue reading

Insalata de Quinoa in La Paz Bolivia

by Victor B
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Foods of the World: Ensalada de Quinoa

Foods of the World: Insalata de Quinoa After this amazing quinoa salad in La Paz and the hundreds of other various dishes we had peppered with this food, this has quickly become my new favorite cereal in the world. I … Continue reading