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Who are the Planet Vagabonds?

The answer to that one is simple: we all are. Take a walk down your street, take a bike a little further, jump in a bus, row your boat, whatever the distance, if you open your mind you are already there. You are a vagabond.

Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu

Behind Planet Vagabond, it ´s my girlfriend Jess and myself: Victor. Now more vagabonds are joining and you are welcome too. Yes YOU. Just send us a mail with the form below.

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    If you wish to contact us, our address at the beginning of the road is

    7879 Malta Road
    DeKalb Illinois 60115
    United States

    You can also drop us a call at +1 312 436 0233 but as you can imagine it is very unlikely you will reach us there. Instead, why don ´t you email Jess, it ´s or me via We ´ll be happy to hear from you!

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