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Photo Travel: Komodo Island

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Photos from Komodo Island

Visiting Komodo National Park was definitely a unique experience. It took a very long time to cross Indonesia via buses, boats and motorcycles, but once in our final wooden embarcation it all made sense. We left Lombok on a bright sunny morning in a bus that took us to our first ferry to Sumbawa. We then proceeded to cross Sumbawa in its entirety in a chicken bus, before catching our second ferry ride. This second boat took close to 24 hours to bring us to Labuhanbajo where we stayed a few days. It was from Labuhanbajo that we caught a wooden embarcation with a few newly met friends and set sail to Komodo National Park.

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Vagabond: Victor B

When I was six, my mother started sending me on errands around the corner to get a fresh baguette. I'd pile up on some candies with the change. Now the corner is a little further and the candies sweeter. My dentist is also a rich man.

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