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Nazca Lines

by Jess
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Nazca Lines and Chauchilla Cemetery

The Nazca Lines Our main purpose in going to Nazca was to see the mind-boggling geoglyphs created by the Nazca culture between 400 and 650 A.D.   Fernando purposely didn’t serve us breakfast before our 7am flight… He thought it … Continue reading

Victor and Jess Horseback Riding on Rubio and Maximo Through Finca El Cisne

by Jess
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Finca El Cisne in Copan Ruinas, Honduras

Cowboys for a Day Hands down, the highlight of my time in Honduras (even cooler than the awe-inspiring ancient Mayan ruins, and those are hard to beat!), Finca El Cisne was AMAZING.  We had seen a few advertisements in hostels … Continue reading

Main Cathedral in Leon Nicaragua

by Jess
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City Tour of Leon, Nicaragua

Embrace Your Gringo While we ´re usually content to wander around with our Lonely Planet clandestinely tucked in a bag, pretending that we ´re able to veil our gringo-ness, and hoping to look like super savvy locals, sometimes it ´s … Continue reading

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