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Gourmet Travels: Pisco Sour

Drinks of the World: Pisco Sour

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Best Drinks in the World: Pisco Sour

The next step in our culinary tour is this fabulous pisco sour, offered to us free with our meal! It is made with pisco (Peruvian grape based brandy), lime, syrup, egg white -hence the wonderful foam- and bitters. It has the cleanest of Vodka with the flavor of a great Rum. One too many and you’ll find yourself drawing lines in the desert!

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Gourmet Travels: Pisco Sour

Gourmet Travels: Pisco Sour

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Free. Get it. F-R-E-E

Fine Art of Bartending To Be Found at El Huarango

Restaurant El Huarango
Jr. Arica 602


Culinary Travels: Restaurant El Huarango


Culinary Travels: Restaurant El Huarango


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