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Photo Travel: Chile

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Photos from Chile

Camera at hand, these are the pictures of our travel through Chile. By the way, Chileans are amongst the friendliest, most helpful people we have come across until this point. There is no other to point and shoot through Chile but going across the entire country from north to south and in details from:

  • Our arrival in Chile at San Pedro de Attacama,
  • An exciting backpacking stay in La Serena,
  • Terramotos in Santiago where Lauren arrived for her glorious 1st backpacker adventure,
  • Artistic inspiration in Valparaiso,
  • An insular drop of Chiloe,
  • The entire Pantagonia from the point of view of the Navimag ferry cruise,
  • And penguins. You need some penguin loving.

Photo gallery:

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Vagabond: Victor B

When I was six, my mother started sending me on errands around the corner to get a fresh baguette. I'd pile up on some candies with the change. Now the corner is a little further and the candies sweeter. My dentist is also a rich man.

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