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La Dolce Vita in Sucre, Bolivia

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La Dolce Vita in Sucre: A Backpackers Hostel

Whenever we’re traveling in a cramped overnight cross-country bus, the wish that I have in the back of my mind the entire time is that we’ll arrive in a clean, comfortable hostel with an inviting bed that will beckon me to rest my cramped muscles and weary bones. My stars were aligned that night, because when we found ourselves at the doorstep of La Dolce Vita in Sucre, Boliva at 7 a.m. after one such ride, my wish was granted.

La Dolce Vita in Sucre Bolivia

La Dolce Vita in Sucre Bolivia

Definitely The Best Hostel in Sucre

Sucre is lovely, lovely and I wish we had spent more time there. I felt like I was walking in the clouds after navigating the frenetic hustle of La Paz. Local regulation mandates that its building owners whitewash their exteriors annually, which adds a nice sparkle. But since Sucre is a university city, self-expression still finds its way to the walls. La Dolce Vita offers serenity and charisma that matches the city itself.

Atrium of La Dolce Vita in Sucre Bolivia

Atrium of La Dolce Vita in Sucre Bolivia

La Dolce Vita Hostel Offer

We spent 140 Bolivianos per night for one of the most enormous and clean private rooms with ensuite bathroom that we’ve stayed in. The rooms surround an open-air courtyard and the terrace on the rooftop is perfect for eating the meals that we cooked in the kitchen. By the way, La Dolce Vita doesn’t offer breakfast, but making our own was actually a welcome change from the bland white bread that most Bolivian hostels serve in the morning.

The Immense Bedroom We Were Offered in La Dolce Vita

The Immense Bedroom We Were Offered in La Dolce Vita

Our Stay in La Dolce Vita Hostel

Vincent, the French owner (who’s also fluent in English and Spanish) makes La Dolce Vita what it is. He sells wine at a good price and organizes everything from the traditional Bolivian dinner/dance at which we celebrated Vic’s birthday to our excursion to the market in Tarabuco.

Our Bathroom in La Dolce Vita

Our Bathroom in La Dolce Vita

Superb hostel. 100% recommended.  Scope it out at La Dolce Vita website.

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