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Hostel El Indio Viejo Ometepe Nicaragua

Hostel El Indio Viejo in Ometepe, Nicaragua

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UPDATE: Please do not visit this establishment. Read the comments below to find out more about the dangerous individuals who run El Indio Viejo in Ometepe.

Finding Our Way to Hostel El Indio Viejo in Ometepe

Hostel El Indio Viejo provided us with much more than just accommodation on Ometepe. Thanks to the warmth of its owner, we were granted a fantastic insight into the some of the gems this island has to offer.

From Granada to Moyogalpa via Altagracia

But we almost forewent our reservations at first. We traveled by boat from Granada on one of the semiweekly ferries and arrived late in Altagracia firmly expecting a chicken bus to transit across the island. This proved to be a vain expectation. Instead, we found nothing but taxi services prepared to charge us $20 for the hour drive. Luckily we split the tab with two other backpackers and arrived nice and starved in front of hostel El Indio Viejo where the best burrito in the world was waiting for us. I know what you ´re thinking, you ´ve already had 3 of the best burritos in the world before, some probably late at night. Just you go and try that one and come back and let me know.

El Indio Viejo Social Center of Moyogalpa

If Moyogalpa does not look like much at first, one quickly realizes that this is the heart of the island. And in the middle of the town  lies  El Indio Viejo, once known as Hospedaje Central, making it an obligatory stop for locals and travelers alike. The aforementioned restaurant is always lively making it a great common area and the owner seems to always be prepared to share with you what ever you have come prepared to listen to. Do not judge this man too quickly by his shamanic dread, instead sit down and listen, in French if possible since his goal is to return the language to his former splendor.

Discover the True Rhythm of Ometepe

I have rarely spent 6 night in a row in a hostel. Here is the exception. Was the bed fantastic and the bathroom spotless? Not quite, but everything was clean and up to par with what you will find in Nicaragua. However, there is no better place to come and get infused with the culture of Nahuas tribes. I won ´t give you any spoiler but instead make sure to inquire about the three mysteries of the island.

Throughout our stay there, we also biked the island of Ometepe, climbed volcano Madeira rented out a motorbike to go and visit Ojo del Agua. Everything was arranged under the guidance of El Indio Viejo.

In conclusion, not only would I go back there, but I would encourage anybody who is looking for a different experience to spend some time at this hostel.

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  1. A dangerous cult called Ecoovie, led by an arms dealer, pedophile, kidnapper, and self-professed savior named Joseph Maltese, manages the Indio Viejo ( formerly known as the Hospedaje Central in Moyogalpa). I really thought this was a joke until I found a documentary made about Joseph Maltese and his cult, Ecoovie, on the internet. Documentary on Joseph Maltese and Ecoovie


    That’s orrible!!!!!!!!!

    Spread the word for countless number of children and adults abused, malnourished, and abandoned by Pierre Doris Maltais. Spread the word for the abuse of power, greed, fraud, and the innocent conned into his evil trap. Spread the word in the name of humanitarianism, peace, and truth.

  3. What to do? I am currently in Granada, Osagi and the old French baker are quite in evidence and are possibly not doing anything illegal; Osagi runs a produce store, claims to have been a tourist guide, ten or twelve years ago – I could not capture the year here when this monster Maltais fled Canada – and the old French guy bakes bread, quite good bread! There is nothing to do. The children could be anywhere, but might easily be on Ometepe. However Nicaragua is a semi-lawless country, the police are lazy and corrupt, and what are the charges actually? These people, easy to find, probably know where Maltais is hiding, but who can or will interrogate them? Would they even have the right to do so? With what consequences? It seems like this messed up country is a good place to hide. I don’t understand how people can be so easily manipulated, to live in such horrid conditions and not protest. I hate people like him who not only are incredibly abusive, but whose actions soil important and innovative ideas and ideals!

  4. For those who cannot understand the French in the link for the video provided above, here is a kind of translation of it and a condensation of the horror story:‎

  5. Update- Pierre Maltais passsed away in Granada in July, 2015. Osagi has been “elected” as the new leader of the cult, which operates mostly on Ometepe. Sadly Maltais death has not put an end to the horror.

  6. This is interesting, thank you. There are many places to stay in Ometepe, it is certainly not necessary to go there. I found a wonderful place with archeological remains, a fantastic garden, and in one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, for about $11 a night!

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