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Foods of the World: Picarones with Chancaca Syrup

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Foods of the World: Picarones with Chancaca Syrup

What are picarones with chancaca syrup you may ask? Technically, they are sweet potato doughnut with molasses syrup. But in reality, they are the most delicious finger licking doughnut type of food you can find in Peru. These were deep-fried from a cart by the stadium in Aguas Calientes, near Machu Picchu.

Gourmet Travel Bite Photo

There are two things you will not see on this photo of the Picarones:

  1. how fast they traveled from the deep-frier to my stomach, and,
  2. how big of a smile they put on my face.

Picarones with Chancaca Syrup

Culinary Travel Price

These picarones set me back a full 2.50 peruvian soles. That’s not quite a full dollar of deep-fried happiness right there. Think. Just think about it and let me know in the comments how you could better spend ONE dollar?

Gourmet Tour Outpost: Street Vendor

A street vendor by the stadium
Aguas Calientes

Vagabond: Victor B

When I was six, my mother started sending me on errands around the corner to get a fresh baguette. I'd pile up on some candies with the change. Now the corner is a little further and the candies sweeter. My dentist is also a rich man.

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