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Foods Of The World: Fajitas of La Yerbateria

Foods of the World: Fajitas con Verduritas Salteadas y Pollo

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Foods Of The World: La Yerbateria Lunch Menu

This one was a very incongruous discovery amongst the streets of Cusco. It was our first day in town and the altitude differential with Nazca was brutal. Maybe not strictly impetuous, but when hungry, I become a very patibulary fellow as Jess can testify. Then came along the chalk board advertising the following menu featuring our new foods of the world addition:

  • Fajitas con Verduritas Salteadas y Pollo
  • Pie de limon
  • Mate fresco

Gourmet Travel Bite Photo

Culinary Travel Price

This was a 16 soles menu (approximately $6) published just outside the Museum of the Medicinal and Sacred Plants in Cusco (by the Ecopackers Hostel) and it was most definitely a worthy meal. The place belongs to a couple of girl-friends and has been open only for a few months. Do not miss it in Cusco. This was the price in effect when we visited, if you are aware of any change in pricing, please let us know in the comment below and we will gladly update this article.

Gourmet Tour Outpost

La Yerbateria (behind the Museum)
Calle Santa Teresa

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