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Foods of the World: Alpaca Milanese at Green's Organic Cusco

Foods of the World: Alpaca Milanese with Quinoa Taboule

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Foods of the World: Alpaca Milanese

It is on the recommendation of Ross and MaryAnn that we treated ourselves to Green’s Organic menu in Cusco Peru. After all, we had just conquered the Salkantay hike and spent a day climbing up and down Machu Picchu, so we had to replenish our reserves. This extraordinary dish came much apropos. Check this sample from foods of the world: Milanesa de Alpaca con Taboule de Quinua. An Alpaca milanese with garlic and parsley breaded in quinoa flakes with a taboule of quinoa with eggplant, cucumber, zucchini, tomato and olive oil. Absolutely delicious on all aspects.

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Foods of the World: Alpaca Milanese at Green's Organic Cusco

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36 soles (approximately $13 with a side dish). From there on, we also dug straight into the Turron de Chocolate. I found that it was my chocolate reserves that depleted themselves the fastest on the hike… Of course, this was the price in effect when we visited, if you are aware of any change in pricing, please let us know in the comment below and we will gladly update this article.

Gourmet Tour Outpost: Green’s Organic

Green’s Organic
Santa Catalina Angosta 135

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