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Linseed Juice (Refresco de Linaza)

Drinks from around the World: Refresco de Linaza (Linseed Juice)

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Best Drinks in the World: Linseed Juice

The recipe of this most refreshing cocktail is as simple as the drink is delicious: macerated linseed with water, cinnamon, lime and sugar.

Shot of Linseed Juice

Linseed Juice (Refresco de Linaza)

Linseed Juice (Refresco de Linaza)

Price of a Top Drink Recipe

This linseed juice which photo you can see above was part of a 25 bolivianos menu, this is approximately $3.50 and the whole menu fed us like kings!

Fine Art of Bartending To Be Found At La Vieja Bodega

La Vieja Bodega
Calle Nicolas Ortiz


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