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Jugo Mixto in Cusco

Drinks From Around The World: Jugo Mixto From Cusco

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Best Drinks in the World: Jugo Mixto in Cusco

If you did not err on the side of cautions when sampling the pisco sours in Peru, there is one remedy that will cure what ails you: el jugo mixto, a freshly squeezed juice which comes in all shapes and sizes.

Shots of Best Drink Recipes

This thirst quencher slash hangover cure was to be found at the Mercado Central de San Pedro of Cuzco in our case. And the lady masterly squeezed the last drops out of the combination of fruits she put in ours.

Price of a Top Drink Recipes

Another 2.50 soles steal in Peru, this will put you back one dollar. Where would you put your dollar? On picarones, jugo mixto, or something else altogether? I’m waiting to hear from you in the comments.

Fine Art of Bartending To Be Found At Mercado San Pedro

Mercado Central de San Pedro

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