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Boat from Granada to Ometepe

Boat from Granada to Ometepe

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Semi-weekly Boat from Granada to Ometepe

We took one of the two boats that ferries across from Granada to Altagracia in Ometepe. The first class ticket that you are forced to purchase as a gringo is reasonable at 130 cordobas (approximately $6).

Boat from Granada to Ometepe

Ometepe to Altagracia Ferry Schedule

The boat leaves Granada for Altagracia at 2:00pm on Mondays and Thursdays. Strangely enough, we had to go through custom officials who tippy-toed around our bags finding neither the rum nor the knives they were looking for.

Arrival in Altagracia, Ometepe

We were not very careful, and since the ride takes 4.5 hours we arrived in Altagracia after dark. We were not really prepared to take a taxi since but no bus was expecting us. It would have  definitely  been cheaper to stay in Altagracia that first night, but we managed to negotiate a taxi ride to our hostel el Indio Viejo in Moyogalpa for as low as $17 split with other travelers. I would not recommend the walk from the harbor to the downtown area of Altagracia. Keep your adventures for a later day-time ride by bike or motorbike in Ometepe as Jess and I experienced the following day!

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