Photos Gallery of Mui Ne in Vietnam

Mui Ne, South East Vietnam

Mui Ne is a coastal resort town in South East Vietnam. It is located next to Phan Thiet. Tourism has metamorphosed Mui Ne into a resort destination for the past 20 years. Mui Ne is characteristic of other popular destination towns with its resorts on the beach, restaurants, and bars. It turns out to be extremely popular for Russian tourists, and many of the signage is listed in the Cyrillic alphabet (no doubt because many of the restaurants and resorts are Russian-owned).

Attractions in Mui Ne

The main strip suffers from incessant and hazardous traffic which can quickly be ignored by cutting across to the beach. Mui Ne Beach is a tropical beach. The strong sea wind of Mui Ne’s tropical beach makes it very popular for kitesurfing and windsurfing. Besides the beach, we found ourselves by the poolside of the Sealinks Hotel. We also took our scooters to the white dunes at sunset.

Photos of Mui Ne Vietnam