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Traveler Video: Dolphins Racing The Navimag Ferry in Patagonia

19/03/2012 by Victor B | 0 comments

Traveler Video: Dolphins Racing in Patagonia

The cruise through Patagonia aboard the Navimag ferry was one of the highlights of our round the world tour if for nothing else but the fact that we could share that experience with Jess’ sister. As all good fairy tales come true, in the evening of a wonderful day, I was taking the Chilean breeze in when literally out of the blue, two dolphins appeared and raced our boat for a few magical seconds. Since I am no expert, I am unsure whether these are bottlenose dolphins, skunk dolphins, or dusky dolphins. Any help at identifying those would be appreciated!

Photo Travel: Argentina

12/03/2012 by Victor B | 0 comments

Photo from Across Argentina

We took sensibly fewer photos in Argentina but trust me we had just had much fun as everywhere else. It was probably only postpartum syndrome after Lauren left us. All those pictures were shot in:

  • Ushuaia, the southern post of Americas,
  • Torres Del Paine moments before a terrible fire scarred it a good deal, and
  • Buenos Aires, the magnetic capital which requires no introduction to enjoy.

Photo Gallery of Argentina

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This gallery contains 29 photos

Traveler Video: Digging For Silver in a Bolivian Mine

12/03/2012 by Victor B | 0 comments

Digging For Silver in a Bolivian Mine

If you are not sure whether or not you may be suffering from claustrophobia, there is only one short test to be taken: dive down inside the dark bowels of an active mine in Bolivia. You will quickly find out what you are made of and whether the little 4-year old boy inside of you wants to make a come back and cry for his maman.

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