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A Final Prayer

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A Final Prayer

A Final Prayer – Katie (2010)

Vagabond: Katie

At only 7 months old I embarked on my first plane ride. It is no wonder international airports are some of my favorite places to navigate. Eager for adventure and equipped with a built in quest for knowledge, I feel more at home capturing the magically diverse landscapes in which I traverse then staying in one beautiful spot. Over the last decade I have made tipi dwellings, Tibetan carpets and gypsy vans my home. But throughout the years, while I roamed through others "homes" I found that the greatest home isn't an actual, physical home at all. It's found somewhere between late night rain drops on tin roofs, early morning cups of tea with sticky children's hands and non-verbal conversations with strangers in distant lands. I'm obviously itching for more. Next stop? A nine month stay in Indonesia.

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